Welcome to David Giudie's CoopCrowd.Fund Site, Donor Key 5496


The Cooperative Crowdfunding System is a one-of-a-kind crowdfunding system, unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms where you work alone, WE WORK COOPERATIVELY to raise all the money we each want… .


We each give a €25 donation and help 3 to also donate €25, as that process continues to duplicate through the 12-Steps you will ultimately receive €972,753 every 28 days. Click Here for 12-Steps receiving breakdown.

You can begin this week and have your donations sent to you next week. Your donations are sent directly to your current debit/credit or to your bank.

Additionally, you can choose to pay and receive in Bitcoin.


Individually we each ONLY HAVE 3-STEPS…

  • We become an Active Donor (Donate €25 pay setup €10)

  • Help 3 become Active Donor's - Help 3 make a donation of €25 to become Active Donors

  • Become a Qualified Donor - Personally Help 3 or more become Active Donors who helped 3 or more become Active Donors.

Those are the only 3 steps you need to do to receive maximum donations and unlock unlimited generations. The Cooperative Crowdfunding system is based on a 3 x 10 generation matrix, however, when you are Qualified you will receive outside of your personal 3 x 10 potentially to an unlimited number of generations.

Additionally, you can personally help more than 3 people and the more you help the more you will receive Potentially to an unlimited amount.

Below is everything you need to know and most everything is in 3’s

There Are 3 KindsOf CoOp Donors:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Free to setup a campaign and be a Campaign Manager

  • Active Donor
  • Made a donation of €25
  • Qualified Donor
  • Personally helped 3 or more become Active Donor's who helped 3 or more become Active Donor's

There Are 3 Steps

  • Become an Active Donor
  • Register €25 and €10 setup

  • Help 3 become Active Donor’s
  • Help 3 make a donation of €25 to become Active Donor’s
  • Become a Qualified Donor
  • Personally helped 3 or more become Active Donor's who helped 3 or more become Active Donor's

3 Ways To Receive Donations

100% of all donations are delivered in 3 ways to our beneficiaries as follows:

  • 25% to the Primary Beneficiary
  • (Available To All Donors) 
The Primary Beneficiary is the inviter of the Donor and immediately receives 25% of all personal donations.
  • 50% to the CoOp Beneficiaries
  • 5(Available To Active & Qualified Donors) Coop Beneficiaries 50% of all donations are assigned to the Coop through 10 generations ranging from 2.5% to 10%.
  • 25% to Coop Bonus Beneficiaries
  • (Available To Qualified Donors) Coop Bonus Beneficiary 25% of all donations worldwide are pooled and made available to Qualified Coop Donor's.

There are no qualifications to receive up to €26.75 in donations, however, to receive maximum donations you will need to help people join the cooperative to unlock additional generations.

How Donations Are Funded

All donations are calculated and displayed immediately in the receiving Donor's back office upon a completed donation. All donations amounts are divided into four (4) equal parts and staggered to be claimed over the ensuing four weeks to Donors to help ensure you have weekly donations.

Example: You just received €100 Current Week's Donations - €25.00
 Banked Donations - €75
 Paid Donations - €0.00 
Overall All Time Donations - €100
If you received no further Donations, the numbers would change to Current €25, Banked €50, Paid €25 and overall €100. Each claim period begins each Friday at 12:00AM and closes the following Thursday at 11:59PM. Donations can be claimed each Friday. Unclaimed The donations will carry over to the next Friday. Donations are paid weekly after being claimed and sent to the Active Donor’s online eWallet1.

Overall Payout Understanding

Nothing is paid for recruiting and all donations are paid because someone made a generous donation. Making a personal Donation is not required to become a Campaign Manager. As a Coop Donor there are no Donation caps on ANY of the ways to receive Donations and collectively the CoopCrowd.System has a donation payout of up to 100%. A Donation is not required to become a Campaign Manager. CoopCrowd.Fund and its affiliates make NO GUARANTEES of success and results depend solely on the efforts of each individual Active Donor. This document is designed to offer an overview of the potential benefits offered to Active Donors who put in the effort necessary to build a successful campaign.